• On August 8, 2017, Doyen Elements broke ground on an abandoned Pepsi factory in Pueblo, Colorado to begin constructing one of the largest grow facilities in North America.
  • Equity Purchase Agreements are in place to acquire 16 long-standing, high-performing companies that span across all areas of the Cannabis Industry.
  • The Company is working to strategically position 1 million plus square feet of self-contained grow facilities throughout the U.S. by 2021.

Since 2012, an estimated 21,000 to 33,000 canna-businesses entered the U.S. market and 29 states plus the District of Columbia have legalized the sale and use of medically-prescribed cannabis or recreational adult-use. As more states follow this trend, the demand for cannabis-related products and services will continue to rise. For the Cannabis Industry to flourish, the right resources need to be in place to support this rapid growth.


Doyen Element’s mission is to bring stature and speed to the entire burgeoning cannabis ecosystem. By creating a “consultancy” that provides category defining business acumen and direct access to an experienced management team with hands-on operational experience, the Company will provide nascent and middle market cannabis ventures with the cross-functional know-how needed to quickly accelerate their canna-businesses.

Because Doyen Elements is a non-plant touching entity, the Company is uniquely positioned to realize the full prosperity of the booming Cannabis Industry.



Doyen Elements is utilizing LEED-Certified green construction and technology solutions to build grow facilities, including the innovative Syntheto-Foam System proven to be mold and pest resistant.


Doyen Elements works to actively research and develop cutting-edge technologies to benefit its business partners. The first of many patents to come is a national licensing agreement for Medical Cannabis Transdermal Patches which offer an alternative way to distribute CBD or legal cannabis into the body to support pain relief and other ailments.


Pending the acquisition of Hydroponics Depot, Doyen Elements will sell hydroponic grow equipment, climate-control systems, advanced lighting technology, plant fertilizer and other high-quality supplies to optimize production.


The new state-of-the-art grow facility in Pueblo, Colorado will be the first in what will be a collection of real estate assets Doyen Elements will own and lease out to licensed cultivators and dispensaries.


The Company has over nine years of operational experience in the Cannabis Industry to offer industry-leading consulting and management services to existing businesses and fledgling states just beginning to tap into the industry.


Doyen Elements intends to radically improve the success rate of companies entering the quickly emerging Cannabis Industry. To accomplish this, funds will go towards completing the Equity Purchase Agreements of 16 long-standing, high-performing companies within the sectors of real estate, management consulting, research & development, industrial equipment, and green construction operations to provide a “one-stop shop” the Cannabis Industry needs to bolster growth through expert consulting and the infusion of "smart money."

Equity Purchase Agreement Companies


This community-supported project is creating upwards of 160 jobs.

One current project funds are being allocated to is the property in Pueblo, Colorado that is being transformed into one of the largest grow facilities in North America; a 234,000 sq. ft. building that will contain a cultivation facility, testing lab, office and infused products manufacturer to be leased out to legal cannabis tenants.


The Cannabis Industry is projected to double in size from $22 billion in 2017 to $44 billion by the end of 2020. An industry report by Business Daily indicates that sales of medical-use legal cannabis alone reached approximately $4.3 billion in 2016, a 26% increase in sales from 2015.

The ancillary company market size itself is extremely difficult to calculate due to the diverse range of offerings and types of businesses included, but it easily stretches into billions of dollars when taking into consideration the amount of money dispensaries and infused products companies spend on equipment and services to operate the businesses in the cannabis space.

Notably, 38% of ancillary service companies serve more than one state, with the bulk of this group involved in three or more states, according to a survey conducted by CannaBusiness Media. This makes ancillary businesses the highest percentage of multi-state businesses in the industry.

The addition of new Medical Marijuana (MMJ) states and the emerging recreational market will also create hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenues for ancillary firms in coming years, making it arguably the most promising segment of the industry.


Ancillary companies are a large, often undervalued part of the Cannabis Industry even though it’s companies like Doyen Elements, who touch all areas of the industry except the actual cannabis plant, that are especially poised for national expansion because they do not face the same legal risks as businesses that touch cannabis.

Just like new laws and regulations have paved the way for the Cannabis Industry to flourish, a little known rule called Regulation A+ has made it possible for everyday investors, and the public at large, to gain access to investment opportunities in early-stage companies.

Now, both accredited and non-accredited investors who believe in Doyen Elements can get in on the ground floor of the emerging Cannabis Industry and watch their investment grow with the Company. Looking forward, Doyen Elements intends to file an application to have its Common Stock listed for public trading on both the NYSE-MKT Exchange and the OTCQX Over-the-Counter Market.


Doyen Elements brings together a leadership team that merges traditional business management with a sizeable, commercial marijuana operator with years of knowledge in large-scale manufacturing and distribution in the U.S.


Geoff has started and managed several of his own businesses spanning across mortgage, real estate, and accounting. Through a strategic partnership, Geoff became a master at understanding the unique financial needs of the Cannabis Industry and proceeded to file a Tier I. He received the first approval of its kind as a cannabis fund in US history. As the Tier I became qualified, Geoff knew that by taking it one step further he could qualify a Reg A Tier II and would be able to be one of the first US Cannabis producers to go public on a US Exchange, and on September 8, 2016 his Tier II status was granted. As of today, the Company is in final prep for the IPO and has the largest approved grow facility in the US and the second largest on earth under construction. At this time he is in process of taking master control of Accelera Innovations, Inc. and has stripped out the operation, taking an interim CEO position in preparation for a reverse split and up list to NYSE Markets with an emphasis on “Green Tech” Real Estate Developments.


Ms. Boerum became the Chief Operating Officer of Advantameds Solutions USA Fund I, Inc. in September 2016. Prior to joining the Company she was the Chief Strategic Officer and President of Accelera Innovations Inc since April 2012 and the Vice President of Sales and Consultant for Accentia International Outsourcing Company in Hyberdad, India, from 2009 to 2011. The leadership included national and international sales teams. Previously, Ms. Boerum held positions of Vice President of Sales for Opus Healthcare in Austin, TX and positioned the Company for acquisition by NextGen. She also held the positions of Enterprise Vice President of National Accounts and Sales Manager for the top 32 health organizations nationally at McKesson from 1989 to 2003. During this time, she received various top performer awards, not only from McKesson, but also the state of Minnesota. Ms. Boerum received her clinical experience at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Maryland, from 1979 to 1989.


Natalie holds a degree in business and urban development. In 2009, after researching and seeing firsthand the benefits of Medical Cannabis to patients in need, she relocated to Colorado to help build a business that is currently responsibly serving the community while upholding the highest level of professionalism. Currently, Natalie is the owner and CEO of National Development Services and is directly responsible for the development of the daily operations of the Company for both the retail outlets and cultivation facilities along with the management of 40 employees in multiple companies. Natalie’s strength in customer service allowed her to develop one of the largest customer databases in Colorado. She works closely with the grow facility management team regarding product control and tracking through the state compliant database and works to ensure product supply for the retail and wholesale demand.


David has a B.S. in Accounting from Fort Hays State University. Currently, Dave is working for National Development Services and started working in the Medical Cannabis Industry in September, 2012. His responsibilities are to manage all financial activities for the 16 entities and work closely with banks to keep in compliance with Federal guidelines in relationship to the Cannabis Industry. Prior to National Development Services, Dave worked with Anderson consulting and developed and implemented operational productivity goals for employees. Oversaw the billing conversion of 80,000 customers from MAS 90 to Soft-Pak billing, resulting in faster mailing and cash collections and also reduced the employee CSR/Billing head count. Duties included due diligence, negotiating purchase price and structure, review of purchase/sale agreements and coordinating the flow of information between the buyer and seller. Dave developed and managed the policies and procedures of billing, accounts payable and accounts receivable with six offices reporting to the accounting headquarters.


Kyle opened Todays Health Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He managed, designed and constructed multiple grow facilities, culminating with the current THC grow operation of 20,000 square feet. Prior to Todays Health Care, he joined North Valley Dirt Works in 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona, where he quickly became a project manager overseeing construction and permitting of multiple subdivisions and high end custom spec homes. In 2010, he also helped start and operate a Hydroponics Retail store for Cassaundra McGinnis in Phoenix Arizona, a 20,000-square foot store with annual revenues over $1 million. This store was opened to help THC receive wholesale prices on all the nutrients, soils and grow equipment used in the grow operation. Estimated savings to THC for this discounted pricing is $400,000. It is still operational and profitable and sells to numerous personal and commercial grow facilities in Colorado and Arizona. In 2013-2014, oversaw construction of greenhouses in Penrose, Co and now he manages over 35,000 square feet of indoor and Greenhouse Commercial cultivation.


Jeff is a proven business leader that delivers operational and financial commitments while developing profitability improvements through organizational leadership. As Director of the WESCO Midwest Region (2008-2015), a leading global industrial distributor of electrical, data communications, MRO and OEM products and services; Jeff led a world class sales organization approaching $200 million in revenues. He was responsible for over 180 employees coordinating multiple resources in sales, operations, finance, human resources, purchasing, pricing and marketing as critical components of the field organization. In 2016, Jeff joined Advantameds Solutions as the Capital Investment Manager and has successfully completed the NASAA Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination. He currently works with the founders developing strategic marketing campaigns for their various organizations.


Since 1997, Jeremy has been a developer of vertical and horizontal construction with an extensive background in entitlements. Recently he was designated Chief Technical Officer of Strata International Group that holds patents and ICC approvals on the greenest building technology known to date. Recently, he has been the international building coordinator for several projects in Port-Au Prince, Haiti for orphanages, schools and church facilities that require proper engineering and construction methods to withstand earthquake and hurricane measures. Jeremy is proficient in drafting and design utilizing AutoCAD coupled with 3D modeling for construction documents.