Doyen Elements provides a wide range of products, technology solutions, and services to the cannabis industry. These businesses are not involved in the growing or distribution of cannabis; however, they service the industry operators that do. Companies in this niche industry have seen relatively high demand from the growing Cannabis industry, and aim to directly target these companies to provide a wide range of business management and technological resource support. Doyen Elements expects to grow its operations on a national platform to 1 million plus square feet of self-contained grow facilities strategically positioned throughout the U.S.

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Doyen Elements will provide budding canna-businesses with ancillary support through industry-leading, full-service management, financial, operational, and execution services.

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Unlike most American industries, the cannabis business varies significantly by state, county, and even city. Each market has its own set of laws and regulations that define – and in many cases limit or completely prevent – business opportunities.

Some Examples:

  • Most state with medical cannabis laws on the books allow dispensaries, though some are unclear on the issue or consider them illegal
  • In several states dispensaries can operate as for-profit businesses, but in a majority they must be non-profits
  • Many states require entrepreneurs to obtain MMJ-specific licenses and permits to open a dispensary or grow site, but in others its considerably more lax.
  • Home growing is allowed in most medical cannabis markets, but some ban it or have implemented strict limits on private cultivation

To prosper, entrepreneurs must know the laws that govern their state’s use of the substance creating an opportunity for Doyen as it will help consult new entrepreneurs into starting their businesses. The following section highlights information that is relevant to Canna-businesses in each state.