Through the Equity Purchase Agreement of its 16 unique operating businesses, Doyen Elements will legally provide ancillary services to the Cannabis Industry within the sectors of real estate, management consulting, research & development, industrial equipment, and green construction operations. Doyen Elements intends to radically improve the success rate of companies and profoundly increase the number of successful businesses in the Cannabis Industry, while generating revenues and securing potentially lucrative equity holdings in these companies. Descriptions of the Company’s service offerings are outlined below.


The Company will be able to acquire real estate and retrofit assets on behalf of licensees to produce products to be sold via licensed dispensaries. The Company also provides a means for wholesale distribution by accelerating and increasing the growth of product for distribution.

Currently, the supply of cannabis-friendly commercial real estate cannot keep up with demand. Take, for example, the skyrocketing values of agricultural real estate in sleepy Pueblo, Colorado, or the soaring real estate values of industrial vacant land in Desert Hot Springs, California. Both are localities that permit licensed cultivation. Doyen Elements will enter these markets in a variety of ways including ancillary services to the marijuana sector’s core need for dirt, primarily being construction management and facilities management.


With over nine years of operational experience in the Cannabis Industry, the Company will offer industry-leading consulting and management services ranging from immediate start-up business activation to licensing, compliance, growth structure, tenant improvements, general management, security, transportation and legal services. The Company not only provides a detailed roadmap for companies seeking to address these issues, but have teams in place that can roll up their sleeves to provide clients with action-oriented assistance.

The Company’s expertise and management services will be in high demand particularly in fledgling states that are just starting to tap into the industry. Starting a dispensary or grow site is typically very complex, given the varying rules, regulations and many pitfalls involved. Cannabis entrepreneurs are seeking assistance from companies or people who have experience and can provide guidance on how to go about the process, which will open the door for Doyen’s services. This demand allows the Company to participate in a larger segment of the market than it would be able to running a dispensary or even a small number of dispensaries.


The Company owns a national licensing agreement for patented Medical Cannabis Transdermal Patches. Doyen intends to use this to benefit its business partners, who will need to leverage this patent, when seeking to provide a solution for those suffering from ailments or chronic illnesses who may benefit from the use of transdermal patches. This patent is the first of many to come. The Company will avidly focus on researching and developing cutting-edge technologies to benefit the Marijuana Industry and marijuana users without ever touching the plant.


Through its chain of stores, Hydroponics Depot, the Company intends to sell hydroponic and other equipment needed to operate clean, high quality grow facilities.

As a provider of growing equipment and supplies – be it lights and fertilizers or climate control systems and advanced all-encompassing grow rooms – Doyen Elements will position itself to be amongst the biggest beneficiaries of the marijuana boom. This business segment of the Company’s service offering will be able to tap into every state with medical marijuana and recreational cannabis laws, including those that don’t allow dispensaries or commercial cultivation, due to the fact that individual caregivers and home-growers need hydroponic supplies as well. Furthermore, the cultivation business is very insular and regional, providing ample opportunities for the Company’s nation-wide reach to penetrate untapped markets and gain an advantage of smaller providers due to sheer economies of scale.


Doyen Elements will utilize its construction expertise and provide LEED Certifiable solutions in the building of grow houses, including Syntheto Foam System, which has proven to be mold and pest resistant. The Company will also provide its clients with innovative green construction solutions that not only help decrease operational costs, but will also provide growing and cultivating ease.


Doyen Elements will provide budding canna-businesses with ancillary support through industry-leading, full-service management, financial, operational, and executional services.

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